Samstag, 10. März 2012

Lenovo Windows Update

Then you ought to check out these tipps:

Do you have any issues in the work of the lenovo system update windows 7?

Tipp 1# Clear Driver issues.

At first, Check your Process Update installation for Corruption, download the program again to be definite. Then try the following, but do the Steps after the other:

two: Deinstall your nvidia/amd Driver cause this may cause conflicts with the lenovo process update windows 7 installation.

one: Download Driver Cleaner and Run it

three:Restart your Computer

four:Start the lenovo process update windows 7 and it ought to work, if not, resume with next step!

Tipp 2# Clear your Registry

two: Clear Your registry with the Tool, do it a min. of thrice to be definite all is cleaned, dont forget to make a backup!

one: Google for CC Cleaner and download it from chip of somewhere else, install and run it.

Tipp 3# Defrag and Chkdsk

three: Reboot your computer and run lenovo system update windows 7 again :) If its not working, checkout Tipp 3#

one: Push Windowsbutton+R and type "cmd" in the field. Click "Ok"

two: Type chkdsk /f and press Enter. Wait a bit and if its done, restart your computer!

three: Search for the Windows Disk Defragmenter. Every windows installation have this program on board.

four: In case you found it, run it! Defragment all of your drives. This might take some Hours but it will help to increase update speed and reduce Errors.

Tipp 4# Deactivate Firewall and Antivir

five:Start the lenovo system update windows 7 and it ought to work, if not, resume with next step!

two: In case you have some Anti Vir Softwares walking deactivate it , but FIRST make a Complete Process Scan!!. Also you can download Spybot SnD and check for adware blocking your Update Technique.

one: Check under "Control Panel" if your windows Firewall is Turned on. If its on , Deactivate it for the updating Technique and reactivate it if you´re done.

Tipp 5# Tidy Windows Installation.

three: Start the system update lenovo and it ought to work, if not, resume with next step!

one: If the steps 1-4 not worked for you, you can try to tidy install your windows process and run the update. Now it Ought to work 99% of the times. The one % is because of Hardware Failure.

Thanks for reading.