Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

AMD RV870 with P18000 in 3DMark Vantage?

During the last days many rumors came up about the coming AMD chip, probably because the launch is almost at hand.
Only five days ago you could learn in an Asian bulletin board, that the RV870 seems to see the light of day with a 384 Bit memory interface. Meanwhile this thesis could be disproved, as the first example had a 1024 MiB texture memory installed - but perhaps this was only a RV840 exemplar with 128 Bit memory interface.

The colleagues from Tweakers brought new rumors up, publishing a 3DMark Vantage score in the performance preset of the mainstream solution RV840 (Juniper) already a few days ago. The chip would have reached a P9500 points, while they did not give any further details about the test system. But this causes a ranking between HD 4850 and HD 4870.

  • Cypress/RV870: P16000-P18000
  • Juniper/RV840: P95xx
  • Redwood/RV830: P46xx

Now the same source has also a result of the eagerly expected performance chip RV870 (Cypress) on hand. But here they do not commit themselves to an exact amount of points, but give a span between P16000 and P18000, which is almost twice the RV840 and already atop of the HD 4870 X2 regions.
The long lasting thesis, that the RV870 is just a doubled RV840, is not weakened by the expected 3DMark Vantage score.

Although the 3DMark Vantage does not have to be the reference and the results cannot be determined to be 100% certain, we can surely presume that AMD aimed a doubled performance with the new generation - on September 10 the secret of the new AMD generation will finally be revealed. But maybe only for the press.